Historical background

The Juneau Garden Club was founded in 1927. Little is known about the early activities as yearbooks and other records begin in 1946. For those interested in further research these records may be found at the State Historic Library. Originally there were two local garden clubs, one in downtown Juneau and one near Auke Bay. Elfrida Nord, our Club Historian is combing through the State Archives and other records and putting together the fascinating history of the Juneau Garden Club. Many of the wayside gardens and garden islands one sees around Juneau originated with the Juneau Garden Club, a tradition of community gardening that continues to this day.

Sharing Local Gardening Knowledge

The book Gardening in Southeast Alaska was written by our club members and friends. Its content outlines the information provided in live classes taught by the Juneau Garden Club for many years. It is a resource for local gardeners, focusing on adapting gardening for SE Alaska’s environment. Our third edition is a required reference for the local Master Gardeners’ course.

Members also share gardening knowledge by celebrating Arbor Day, assisting gardening efforts at Juneau’s Pioneer Home and the Johnson Youth Center, and our annual Garlic Tasting and Potluck. At least every other year, the club puts together a garden lecture series featuring local, statewide and out-of-state experts. All meetings are free and open to the public.

Community Giving through Gardening

Since the 1980’s the Garden Club has organized the ever popular spring plant sale. It has grown into the Super Sale, a plant sale with the atmosphere of an old-world market. The Sale is now organized by Juneau’s four non-profit, gardening organizations. Commercial vendors join in, sharing a portion of their profits with the gardening groups.
The Garden Club planted the trees, shrubs, and perennials that grace the grounds of Auke Bay Ferry Terminal.

Each year Arbor Day is observed with a tree planted at various locations around town. These trees grace the play grounds, museums, schools, Arboretum and Pioneers’ Home. Last year the Juneau Garden Club in conjunction with Alaska Community Forest Council and the Juneau Urban Forest Partnership celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Alaska Arbor Day with tree plantings and a lecture series. Governor Walker planted a tree at the Juneau-Douglas Library, formerly the Juneau Public Library. The state’s official Arbor Day Celebration took place at the library.

Spearheaded by the Garden Club, staff at the Pioneers’ Home and a variety of volunteer groups joined forces in 2012 to revive the landscaping at the Pioneers’ Home. Our financial assistance and expertise helped lift the project off to a good start, which has continues onward.

Each summer several Garden Club members assist the residents at the Juneau Youth Center in raising vegetables for the Center.

Community Donations

The Garden Club annually contributes a minimum of one thousand dollars to the UAS Scholarship Fund. The Club also regularly contributes to the Jensen-Olson Arboretum, formerly the home of fellow Garden Club member Caroline Jensen.

Club Membership and Meetings

Dues are $10 per year. With memberships come reduced prices on the Club’s book, Gardening in SE Alaska. Members receive yearbooks free of charge.

Officers are selected each Fall.

Change of Office takes place in January.

Business Meetings occur on the first Saturday of each month from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Mendenhall Valley Library. Meetings are free and open to the public.

Regular Events and Club Calendar

Our Plant Sale takes place the Saturday morning prior to Mothers’ Day at the Safeway parking lot. Preparations for this event begin each year when the primroses emerge and their blossoms begin to form.

The Arboretum Pot Luck occurs in July.

The Holiday Party is held on the first Saturday of December.

The Garlic Tasting and Potluck takes place in October at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. Our local growers bring amazing garlic to taste and share. We also provide cultivation, harvesting, storage tips, and more! This event is open to the public and one of our most popular. Trust us garlic lovers you don’t want to miss it!

Community Partners and Resources

The Juneau Garden Club

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Judy Neary
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Contact the Juneau Garden Club

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